7 Reasons Why You Need a Massachusetts Great White Shark License Plate

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy license plate

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy is starting a 60-day campaign to presell speciality Massachusetts license plates that feature a painting of a great white shark. They’re only $40 dollars, and they’re available to all Massachusetts residents. If you didn’t immediately realize what a jawesome opportunity this is, there are some good reasons why you need a white shark license plate:

1. The plates make fishing decals look wimpy by comparison.

2. You can truly live every week like it’s Shark Week.

3. You’ll be able to scare any seals off the road.

This will probably only work if the seals are a few inches tall.

4. You’ll get the right to shout, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat!” into traffic.

If you really want to geek out, you’ll also get the right to cruise around town blasting the “Jaws” theme out your window.

5. You can show your pride in your state’s white sharks!

Massachusetts has seen an explosion of white sharks in recent years. What better way to represent the Bay State than to drive to work and the grocery store with everyone’s favorite apex predator by your bumper?

6. You’ll be supporting white shark research and education.

The funds raised from the plates go directly to supporting the AWSC’s mission. $28 from the fee is tax deductible, too!

7. Because… it’s a flippin’ great white shark.

What else can we say? They’re wicked awesome.

Sign up here for your plate now!


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