How You Can Help Sharks

“Despite the ecological, economical, and health reasons to save  sharks, I personally cringe at the thought of allowing a magnificent  creature to go extinct under my watch.” ~ Neil Hammerschlag

Neil Photo

Dr. Neil Hammerschlag wrote a great article in September about shark fin soup. At the end, he highlighted ways you can help sharks. Here is a list to get you started:

–          Educate yourself (Congrats, you are already doing that)

–          Educate others (Spread the word)

–          Go see sharks (Go on a shark dive)

–          Take your kids to an aquarium (Georgia Aquarium has 4 whale sharks and offers opportunities for swimmers)

–          Practice responsible catch and release fishing

–          Eat sustainable seafood

–          Support the creating of Marine Protected Areas and Shark Sanctuaries

–          Don’t eat shark fin soup and support shark fin bans

–          Encourage and praise restaurants that make the choice not to serve shark fin soup

–          Support reputable shark conservation organizations

–          Support reputable shark conservation research

–          Speak up!

Click here for full article: Excuse me waiter, but there’s an endangered species in my bowl of soup


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